Sai Vasanshah Darbar, a secular place & house of prayer, where all devotees are treated as one & a belief in the power of Faith & Patience is foremost. A place where all heads bow down in prayer, where faith prevails, where hopes are built, where patience pays, and where infinite joy and everlasting contentment abound. Such is the glory of the place which belongs to the Holy Saint, Sai Vasanshah a true repository of wisdom, who pleased all with pious equality and gifted mankind ornaments of humanity and peace by saying “Rakh Rohri Ware Te”. 

It is known as “Asautadh” which means a place where wishes come true 

It is believed that this is one of the oldest temples here and devotees have a strong faith that their wishes will be fulfilled if they offer prayers here.”

Millions of devotees continuously flock here from all over India and abroad. Situated on the Mumbai, Kalyan -Ulhasnagar 5 highway.

It Is famous for a monthly event “Umaas Raat” i.e Meher Sandi Barsaat 

and the yearly varsi programme “Sai Vasanghot’s Varsi Mahotsav 

While visiting Darbar, definitely every devotee experiences complete peace of mind, a strong self-confidence, and a great sense of purpose.

where even today all his devotees come with empty hands, but filled with Hope, and go back “Blessed with Contentment with an Everlasting Smile on their faces”.